Interview with Simon Bruder from Uffenheim at OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen on November 9th, 2014

LPI: Simon, how old are you?

Simon: I am 10 years old.

LPI: Where do you live?

Simon: In Wallmersbach near Uffenheim, that is between Würzburg and Nuremberg.

LPI: And where do you go to school?

Simon: I am in the fifth grade in secondary school at the Christian-von-Bomhard-Schule in Uffenheim.

LPI: When was the first time you did test something on a computer?

Simon: When I was 6, it was an educational game. Then during the holidays 2012, I received a supposedly broken laptop from my cousin. But in fact only the hard drive was defect. The computer was still working with Knoppix. We changed the hard drive and installed Debian.

LPI: What are you doing exactly at Teckids e.V.?

Simon: I am the system administrator. For example, I take care of the LDAP, install software on the command line with apt, assist in setting up the workshop systems, and take also care of GIT. On the Teckids website, there is my portrait under

LPI: What kind of projects are you doing at Teckids?

Simon: We do workshops, for example programming with Python, the Freedroidz project, electronics crafting with Arduino or a workshop about Blender.

LPI: How did you come to LPI and the Linux Essentials exam?

Simon: Our tutor Nik has recommended to do the Linux Essentials exam.

LPI: How did you prepare yourself for the Linux Essentials exam?

Simon: Nik said to me: “Write down all that you know.” So I wrote down all my knowledge, and Nik made up a mock-exam for me.

LPI: How was the Linux Essentials exam for you?

Simon: Good, it was not so difficult.

LPI: So you made it well through the exam? Did you get along well?

Simon: Yes, I have a good impression, and I believe that I passed.

LPI: Simon, thank you for this interview. We hope that you passed the Linux Essentials exam.

The interview with Simon Bruder was led by Klaus Behrla from LPI Central Europe.

In the meantime Simon's Linux Essentials exam has been evaluated by LPI, and he received his result. Simon passed the exam with 670 of 800 points. For a ten-year-old this is definitely an outstanding achievement.