Ten-year-old Simon Bruder passes LPI Linux Essentials exam

(Kassel, Germany: November 25th, 2014)  The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization, announced that ten-year-old Simon Bruder from Uffenheim passed the LPI Linux Essentilas exam. During the event OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen, he took the basic LPI Linux test as a kind of sponsorship from the association Teckids e.V. (https://www.teckids.org) In the meantime, Simon received his first LPI exam result, and he passed with 670 of 800 points. Regarding the exma's difficulty level, LPI values this as a really outstanding achievement. On the one hand, this is more than one would expect from a child of his age, but on the other hand it shows how great children can perform if they are supported and under a good care. In Germany, most LPI Linux Essentials exams are taken by students at vocational schools in relevant dual trainings, e.g. qulified IT specialist.


Simon Bruder with his LPI Linux Essentials certificate (Source: Teckids e.V., https://www.teckids.org)

The Aim of the Linux Essentials certificate is to define the basic knowledge that is necessary to use a Linux operating system on a desktop computer or a mobile device. It is comprised of one 60-minute exam containing 40 questions.
The Linux Essentials exam verifies and certifies knowledge in the following areas:
- History of the GNU/Linux operating system
- Open Source applications and licensing
- Basic handling of a GNU/Linux desktop and command line basics
- File and directory structures 
- GNU coreutile and text stream processing on the command line
- simple shell scripting
- Basic Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, special file systems under GNU/Linux
- Network basics and diagnostic tools
- Security and permissions for files and directories, users, and groups

"I have learned that sometimes, I am able to do more than I thought I could do", said Simon Bruder, who can call himself a Linux and Open Source supporter now. Besides his job as a reliable and trustworthy system administrator at Teckids e.V., Simon prepared himself in a three-month learning phase for the Linux Essentials exam. Teckids e.V. now wants to create a reference guide for the Linux Essentials certification program from these preparatory notes.

LPI was leading an interview with Simon Bruder after his LPI exam in Oberhausen, which has been published under this address.

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