The LPI AAP Program

Schools and Universities can profit from various noticable advantages of the academic partner program LPI AAP. High quality training materials are made available to the partner without a special limit inside his own institution. The price of he exams inside the LPI AAP program is considerably lower than the standard price of the LPI exam.

For further information about this program please get in contact with us. 

The LPI AAP of LPI Central Europe and LPI e.V.

The following organizations are LPI AAP of LPI Central Europe (in alphabetical order): 

For LPI AAPs of LPI e.V. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland please follow this link.

This partner program was created especially and exclusively for schools, colleges, and universities concerned to IT.
The Academic Partner Program offers remarkable benefits, as exam fees have a significant discount over regular prices.

The exams may only be taken by students of the partner institution.

The requirement to become an AAP (Approved Academic Partner) is that the concerned institution must be an institution of academic education and non-profit.

Please click on the respective country name, to obtain an overview of the current LPI AAPs.