FOSDEM cooperation and LPI NL resounding success!

This past weekend LPI NL was present at FOSDEM, the extremely popular two-day open source community event in Brussels. The demand for LPI exams at this event was huge as the LPI organization has received several requests and questions whether they would be present at FOSDEM this year. LPI NL therefore decided to organize at least five exam sessions where FOSDEM visitors could take exams at all levels of the LPI certification (LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3).

New this year were the presentation sessions about LPI that were provided by Marcel Nijenhof and Emiel Brok, members of the LPI NL team. In the first session, the organisation behind LPI was explained and how representation of LPI in Belgium and the Netherlands is arranged. Also the achievements of this last year were discussed, but also the vision of LPI NL on the current certification market and the focus points for this upcoming year. In the second session Marcel Nijenhof provided practical information about the LPI exam. Exam candidates got the chance to inform themselves about the exact process of examination. Both sessions were well attended and the participants were very vocal about topics like the status of the current labor market, the role if Linux within the educational sector and also the growing amount of open source jobs over the past year.

For the FOSDEM event 167 candidates applied for an LPI exam. The organization of these LPI exams at FOSDEM may rightly be called a resounding success with a total of 131 examinations taken. "Because of the broad and strong support within the open source community, this collaboration between LPI NL and FOSDEM shows us great success! We consider it an honor and a moral obligation to organize exam sessions for the visitors of the FOSDEM event.

„We see this as an easy and affordable way for the members of the open source community to certify their knowledge and skills with worldwide recognized LPI certification. Our participation is not only a duty nor an honor but more - so a truly pleasure and we look forward to the next edition of FOSDEM in 2012", said Emiel Brok, LPI NL chairman.