LPI Approved Training Partner (LPI ATP, LPI ATP Silver and LPI ATP Gold)




This is a voluntary program for IT training companies and other educational institutions which meet LPI’s rigorous standards for education quality and ethics. However, students are invited to pursue an educational path of their choice. LPI Recognized training partners use LPI approved training material (LPI-LATM), employ LPI certified instructors and follow ethical codes for training businesses and academic organisations. The partner may promote their LPI-ATP status with the LPI-ATP logo which can be obtained from LPI Central Europe. 

LPI Central Europe supervises a network of more than 50 ATP partners in Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Here you can have a look into the partner list.

The following has to be respected by the LPI Approved Training Partner:

  1. the use of qualified training materials
  2. employ LPI certified instructors
  3. follow the LPI Training Centre Code of Ethics

Here you can as download an LPI ATP contract.

For further Information please get in contact with us.