Partner Programs

LPI Central Europe has a lot of different partners and an important cornerstone of it's success is due to the partner network. Besides stragegic and technology driven partnerships LPI Central Europe hosts three different partner programs for training and solution providers. The first one, the LPI ATP Program, is for commercial and the second one, LPI AAP Program, is for non commercial organisations. These two programs are built up to insure a high qualitiy in Linux training through the use of qualified trainers and certified training material (LPI ATM). We highly recommend you consider these training providers because they have met the rigourous conditions of one of our Training Partner Program.

The third partner program, LPI Certified Solution Provider, short LPI CSP, is founded for computer retailers and software solution providers. For this program LPI Central Europe hosts an own web platform at 

Besides this LPI Central Europe continuously works together with Sponsoring Partners.