Review, Podcasts and Videostream: LPI at CeBIT 2010

"CeBIT for all!" was the slogan and many visitors came to listen to the presentations at the booth of LPI and it's co-exhibitors Linuxhotel and lsp. In cooperation with Linuxhotel, Univention and RadioTux a full presentation program with a total of 40 talks and interviews took place at LPI's infostand at CeBIT 2010. Radio Tux made audio live streamings of the presentations and many of them are stored on their website now. Here a list with audio streams from presentations with LPI core topics:

  1. Michael Peichl mit "LPIC und AAP Lehrerfortbildung"
  2. Interview mit Michael Gisbers vom LPI
  3. Michael Gisbers: "LPI304"
  4. Amseln Lingnau: "LPI Academy und Linup Front"

At the CeBIT Open Source Forum Ingo Wichmann from Linuxhotel and Klaus Behrla from LPI Central Europe held a presentation about LPI trainings at the Linux Magazin Academy. This presentation is available as a video stream in the archive on the website of the CeBIT Open Source Forum 2010.

And here some photos from CeBIT 2010:

Michael Peichl, futher education for teachers in Baden-Württenberg, LPI AAP Esslingen
Jobhour: qualified candidates with LPI certification at an interview with RadioTux
Each day at 5:00 p.m. there was an LPI quiz with prices - the quiz is available on the web at the URL
Ingo Wichmann from Linuxhotel is the showmaster at the LPI Quiz
Anselm Lingnau presenting the LPI Academy
Interview by Radio Tux with Ingo Wichmann and Nils Magnus about the program of the coming LinuxTag conference 2010
Reiner Brandt reports about news at the LPI partner programs
Michael Gisbers at an interview with Ingo Ebel from RadioTux
Michael Gisbers talks about developments at LPIC-3 and the new exam LPI 304 with the topics virtualization and high availability