LPI at LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin: strong interest in LPI exams

The LPI has been "Official Certification Sponsor" at the LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin and recorded a strong interest in LPI exams. With a total number of 148, there again had been delivered more exams than the year before. For the first time, a presentation containing information about how to carry out the exam has been shown via beamer. Thus the candidates could learn very quickly how to fill in the answer sheets. The exams took place in six exam labs in the exhibition center in Berlin.

Another LPI AAP Meeting, organized by LPI Central Europe, was held for academic partners, schools, and universities on Friday June 11, 2010. Recent topics related about teaching the LPI objectives and developments in e-learning and blended learning were presented and discussed.

Everybody who was able to verify a LPI certification could receive an LPI pin with the designation of his LPI level on it at the LPI booth. These pins are available under "Fan-Artikel" at the IXSOFT Online Store under the following URL: http://www.ixsoft.de. Furthermore there was a job-corner at the LPI booth where approximately 30 job searches of LPI alumni were presented. Co-exhibitors this year at the LPI booth were the companies B1 Systems, Open Source Press and LinuxLancers.