LPI Partner Of The Month December 2012: SYNTEA SA

SYNTEA SA (http://en.syntea.pl/Default.aspx) provides comprehensive educational and consulting support in the field of information technologies and related (business, vocational, language) competences for individuals as well as for companies, public institutions and education sector. SYNTEA is LPI Approved Training partner and our Partner Of The Month December 2012.

Since 2003, Syntea has constantly been helping to acquire knowledge and improve skills within IT training. Trainings offered by Syntea are of the highest quality and modern methods of teaching (including distance learning, e-learning). The company cooperates with 500 coaches with the highest qualifications in the market and extensive practical experience. Besides others Syntea, LPI Approved Training Partner since March 2011, offers group trainings in Linux and preparation for LPI exams and certifications (http://en.syntea.pl/Trainings.aspx?gid=1_IT).

Since the beginning of its operation, SYNTEA SA has been actively engaged in building a society based on knowledge and disseminating the idea of information society.

The company's portfolio includes a full range of educational services for the entire cycle of learning, which enables the development of talents and creation of a professional curriculum:

  1. edu4talents full-scale services developing competences. edu4talents aims at K12 education sector, ranging from primary schools to high schools, technical secondary schools as well as vocational schools. Syntea SA has cooperated with the aforementioned sector for numerous years and as a result our company has developed services aiming at better adaptation of the continuing education to the needs of the labour market.

  2. Professional Knowledge Academy - basing on many years' experience within business sector and taking the current trends on the labour market into account, Syntea SA is involved into cooperation with higher education schools. The partnership involves opening new fields of postgraduate studies, delivering specialised workshops during studies as well as implementing education projects aiming at transferring knowledge and experience between business and higher education sectors.

  3. Standard IT courses based on international certificates allowing learners to acquire competencies essential for developing one's professional career and functioning in the modern information society.

  4. Trainings for professionals involving both advanced information technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics, Cisco, Linux, as well as specialised trainings involving animation, computer graphic design, aviation and customer service.

  5. Vocational trainings based on international VCC (Vocational Competence Certificate) certificate, including 4 competence areas: theoretical vocational competences, practical vocational competences, foreign language competences as well as IT competences.

  6. Business trainings including implementing project management courses, soft skills trainings as well as specialised foreign language courses.

The dynamic development of financial and organizational company and received certificates and awards confirm the right direction in consistently pursued strategy according to our motto: Syntea = energize value.



Syntea SA

ul. Wojciechowska 9a
20-704 Lublin

Phone: +4881 45 21 400
Email: Radoslaw.Panas@syntea.pl