LPI Partner of the Month December 2011: Linux-Magazin Academy

Our LPI Approved Training Partner Linux-Magazin Academy is the LPI Partner of the Month December 2011. Since 1995, the Linux Magazine offers expert knowledge about Linux and Open Source. Since 2008, the know-how is also available for studying: at Linux-Magazin Academy it is possible to study with experts from the oldest Linux magazine in the world.

High Quality Online Training
Since its founding, the Linux-Magazin Academy stands for elaborated high quality online training about current Linux and Open Source topics, regarding content as well as technology. The current training offers cover the topics "LPIC-1", LPIC-2", "Monitoring with Nagios", "IT Security Basics", "Blogging with WordPress" and "Working Efficiently with OpenOffice Templates".

Quality is very important to Linux-Magazin Academy. All trainers are experts in the fields. Of course all instructors for LPI training courses are LPI certified. Ingo Wichmann from Linuxhotel, the trainer for LPIC-1, is LPIC teacher of the first hour. Also the other trainings are taught by highly qualified instructors, such as security professional Prof. Dr. Tobias Eggendorfer or the Nagios expert Michael Streb from Netways.

Watch the video "Preparing for LPI Certification":

Maximum Flexibility
The idea behind Linux-Magazin Academy is to provide a maximum of flexibility and individuality to the participants, while studying. This is very profitably for participants with limited time, who can combine work and training without any difficulty using this kind of training.

All training videos are designed to allow the participant to watch the trainer and his screen at the same time. The online streaming makes is possible to watch the video at any time and to repeat it as often as necessary. Every student can follow its own pace. Free bonus material, exercises, and sample questions make the offer complete.


General presentation of the Linux-Magazin Academy:

Innovative Product
With "LPIC-1 All-in-One Solution" Linux-Magazin Academy presents a new product, which did not exist before. The special feature: the LPIC candidate gets all he or she needs in one package. These include online training, face-to-face crash course and test (including fees). The participant is totally flexible in time management and ensures his or her success through the additional 2-day crash course. The exams LPI 101 and LPI 102 follow immediately after the face-to-face course.


Linux-Magazin Academy

Putzbrunner Str. 71

D-81739 München


Phone: +49 (0)89 9934110

Email: academy(at)linux-magazin.de

Managing Directors Linux-Magazin Academy: Brian Osborn, Hermann Plank