LPI Partner of the Month July 2012: Linup Front GmbH

Linup Front GmbH, leading provider of training materials and trainer services for all aspects of Linux and Free / Open Source Software, is our Partner of the Month July 2012. As institutional founder member of LPI e.V. in Germany, Linup Front can look back on a longtime commitment regarding LPI.

Since its foundation in 2001, Linup Front GmbH as a „full retail bookseller“ provides well-priced materials and certified trainers for the German and international training market. The company is located in Weiterstadt, Germany. 2004 they published the first German LPI certified training materials for LPIC-1 and the first LPIC-1 book titled »LPI-Level 1« by mitp-Verlag. This book is currently published in the fifth revised edition. Materials for LPIC-2 and materials for LPIC-1 in English followed soon. The product range is constantly updated and expanded. Moreover targeted customer specific configuration of materials is possible.

Certification Trajectory LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 from Linup Front, 2011:

Linup Front GmbH employed LPI certified trainers frequently teach courses and workshops for LPI exam candidates, from LPIC-1 to LPIC-3. Trainer services are marketed indirectly through local training providers. Whereas training materials are sold through flexible licenses to training providers as well as the Linup Front online store, available for private and business customers. Free sample copies are available for trainers. Besides direct trainer procurement Linup Front GmbH offers its training partners also consulting services, such as quotations, and support for Linux projects with highly qualified experts.

Linup Front GmbH's newest product is the training material for LPI's new »Linux Essentials« program – the first worldwide, which can be downloaded as PDF file for free, and is also available at the Google Play Store as Android Smartphone and Tablet »App«


Furthermore, Linup Front GmbH is dedicated to LPI in association work, exam development, and at fairs and conferences through talks and presence at the booth. The LPI AAP Program offers academic partners the Linup Front GmbH courseware for a low priced annual fee. Moreover, Linup Front GmbH supports the »LPI Academy«, a community website to prepare for LPIC exams with exam simulation and Wiki, available for free.

Linup Front GmbH
Postfach 10 01 21
64201 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 9067-210
Email: info(at)linupfront.de