LPI Partner Of the Month May 2011: inmedias.it GmbH

The inmedias.it GmbH which is located in Hamburg, Germany, is LPI Certified Solution Partner on the highest level “LPI Approved Gold Partner“ and our "LPI Partner of the Month May 2011".

After fifteen years in the IT industry, the employees of inmedias.it experienced many paradigm changes apparent and actual ones. As on the first day, it is the combination of knowledge and personality that represents this company. With time, knowledge manifested itself in more efficient processes – at customers as well as at inmedias.it. This is reflected by preparing for ISO 20000 certification.



The inmedias.it company supports customers with up to three hundred PC work places as external ICT department and outsourcing partner. Approved is also the collaboration with an internal IT department at defined topics. Customers especially appreciate the profound and vendor neutral knowledge in the field of Linux-based and heterogeneous infrastructures. Furthermore they have a wide market knowledge about Open Source Software, such as phone platforms, group ware, monitoring, terminal servers, help desk systems, document management and email archiving.



Inmedias.it is pursuing a non-dogmatic approach. It is specialized on infrastructure topics. Therefore it is important for the company that the recommended solutions are able to interconnect, and often the ideal choice consists of “the best of different worlds”. Often is it also the change from one technological world to another where blinders are only a hindrance – in migration interdisciplinary expertise is essential.

This cross-system and multi-vendor approach is also pursued in certifying employees. One of the individual goals is for example distribution neutral Linux training and its measurement through LPI certification. Consequently the company is Approved Gold Partner and is taking this status very seriously.



So the employees of inmedias.it proved themselves over the years in challenging projects and delivered good work to small and large customers as well. In 2004, they received the “Open Source Best Practice Award“ a national competition with about 50 prominent applications verified through divers publications, such as “Open Source Jahrbuch“ and Success Stories. Customers range from small service companies to world wide positioned production plants; from international concerns, whose core infrastructure issues (file-/directoryservices besides Backup, emergency handling, monitoring indicators) are administered by inmedias.it, over the internationally operating architect's office Gerkan, Marg und Partner, well-known through the reconstruction of the Berlin Central Station. Inmedias.it is partner of the “FC St. Pauli von 1910 e.V.” - after all the corporate facilities are within sound to the Millerntor stadium. You never walk/work alone!


Contact inmedias.it:

inmedias.it Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie mbH

Michael Hintz, Kundenberatung (Leitung)

Amandastraße 58

D-20357 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 41436-401

Email: mhi@inmedias.it

CEO inmedias.it:

Carsten Brunke

Phone: +49 (0)40 41436-411

Email: cbr@inmedias.it