LPI Partner Of the Month April 2011: Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen, Esslingen, Germany

The „Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen“ in Esslingen, Germany, is LPI Approved Academic Partner (LPI AAP) and „LPI Partner of the Month April 2011“ in our new program. Since 2006 the Landesakademie in Esslingen is LPI Approved Academic Partner and therefore it is one of the pioneers of the academic partners of LPI. It is the central institution of the federal state Baden-Württemberg for further education of teachers and executive staff at general and vocational schools in the state. Further education and training in Linux has been offered before and accordingly the state academy's trainers have good technically mature know-how in Linux. There is also a special connection between LPI and the academy, because the electronic learning materials of this institution are used for the learning managements system of the LPI AAP.

The state academy in Baden-Württemberg has three locations, in Bad Wildbad, Comburg and in Esslingen. Every year 32000 teacher are trained in more than 1900 trainings at the state academy's locations. The „Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen“ is the central institution of the federal state Baden-Württemberg for further training of teachers and executive staff at general and vocational schools in this state.

  • It develops concepts for qualifying teachers as well as training and consulting staff (multipliers), and realizes these concepts.
  • It supports schools in quality development.
  • It offers various qualification offers for pedagogic executive staff.
  • It qualifies teachers with special functions in the school system.
  • It offers technical further training for special groups, for example consultants.
  • It organizes and designs individual designed courses for schools.
  • It informs schools and school administrations in further education.

The academy's location in Esslingen is the competence center for further training of teachers from vocational schools. This location lehrerfortbildung-bw.de/lak/es is also responsible for computer and network courses. For example, all network administrators (network consultants) are introduced to their functions in one week basic courses by professional IT trainers.

The „Lehrerfortbildungsserver“ (teacher training server) http://lehrerfortbildung-bw.de is the internet platform for teacher training in Baden-Württemberg. Since 2004 it is assigned to the „Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen“. The „Lehrerfortbildungsserver“ is an essential part of the support system for teacher training in Baden-Württemberg. It informs about central further training at the academy, supports it by providing information, materials and data base applications, as well as e-learning applications. Moreover, It provides information on other training offers and updates these permanently. The „Lehrerfortbildungsserver“ supports with its divers offers school development and contributes to the quality management of teaching standards.

LPI certification at the state academy rises from further education in Linux. A growing number of Linux administrators and also the integration of operating systems as a subject in vocational schools led to a growing demand for basic courses for this operating system. There has been a similar development in networking and the demand had been covered successfully by the „Cisco Networking Academy Program“ since 2011. Thus the idea developed to cover the demand in Linux through another education offer with LPI topics as curriculum.

In a pilot the first implementation had been organized by the regional board of Stuttgart:

  • 12 days of further training (LPIC-101, LPIC-102)
  • Exams for certification on Linux events

The second year of LPI certification exams had been handled by the state academy, which took over the organization as LPI Approved Academic Partner (LPI AAP) in 2007.

  • Currently: for each LPIC part, five days of training inclusive in-house exam
  • In April 2011 the sixth series will start

Meanwhile LPI certification is offered in the fifth year within the framework of the LPI AAP Program. Until 2010 about 100 teachers from all kinds of schools did the LPIC-1 program. For 2012 it is planned to introduce also an offer for LPIC-2. Many alumni of the first courses were interested or asked for such an offer. All Further training in Linux is offered on an online platform of the teacher training server for all participants. A blended learning concept is used for these trainings.

  • days of attendance at the state academy
  • speaker's materials on the learning platform
  • support and communication with participants via learning management system „Moodle“
  • registered participants can retain content from the course room
  • a demo course room for everyone can be downloaded. Idea: integration in a school Moodle platform possible
  • Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Germany License: Participants are able to use or work on all offered materials during their lessons
  • In agreement with LPI Central Europe, these materials have been transferred to the learning management system for LPI AAP, see: http://moodle.lpi-aap.eu
  • Therefore these materials are available for all LPI AAP partners for their classes.

The state academy has reached many of their goals by now:

  • 100 teachers did the LPI program until 2010
  • school become LPI partners in the framework of LPI AAP
  • integration into classes (e.g. for IT jobs)
  • schools themselves offer certification
  • qualifying network administrators
  • interest and motivation for Linux

Contact LPI AAP partnership at the „Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen“ in Esslingen:

Dipl-Ing. Andreas Grupp

Elektronikschule, Tettnang



Dr. Walter Kicherer

IT-Schule, Stuttgart


StD Michael Peichl

Paul-Kerschensteiner-Schule, Bad Überkingen