LPI Partner of the Month March 2012: Elektronikschule in Tettnang

The Elektronikschule in Tettnang is LPI Approved Academic Partner (LPI AAP) since 2007 and our LPI Partner of the Month in March 2012.

At the Elektronikschule (EST) in Tettnang, teaching includes innovative engineering technologies - especially in automation, information and communication technology. Currently there are taught about 900 students in 40 classes. Learning opportunities include dual vocational training with companies as partners and full-time courses to become certified assistants, subject-specific or general university entrance qualification (Abitur). Another important area is further education. It is possible to graduate as a certified technician (full time or part-time) in various disciplines or as foreman in Electrical Engineering (part time). The Elektronikschule Tettnang is a public vocational school, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The responsible school agency is Lake Constance county located in Friedrichshafen.


Since the Elektronikschule Tettnang exists, there is also their motto:
The professional success of graduates of different school types at Elektronikschule confirmed this guideline. During practical laboratory work, team community is developed, self-reliance and responsibility are encouraged. Thus students are also educated and trained for coping with the future, besides gaining technical knowledge. Very good facilities in the theory and laboratory areas combined with high professional and educational competence of the 60 teachers meet all possible needs of motivated students.

Since 2007 the EST offers the possibility to take LPI exams. IT Specialists and Certified Technicians learn the Linux basics that are required for LPI exams during their compulsory lessons. Interested students from other school types are able to do a LPI preparation course as elective. With LPIC certificates students can verify their Linux competences - the LPI exams are an additional offer to the students. Numerous students did take LPI exams in recent years. StD Hansjörg Weiher, Head of Department at the Technical School has managed LPI exams at EST from the beginning. He says: "Students who successfully passed the LPIC exams are more competent in using Linux systems. The acquired knowledge helps to solve complex tasks."

Mr Weiher participated in a LPI item writing Workshop for the new „Linux Essentials“ program at Linuxhotel in Essen in November 2011. This program will offer a "Certificate of Achievement" recognizing entry-level knowledge of the Free and Open Source Software ecosystem. The program has been developed in partnership with IT professionals, training organizations, qualification authorities, and academic organizations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa and will be available June 2012 in those regions. The LPI is constantly in contact with the EST to establish "Linux Essentials" there. Mr. Weiher says, "At the types of school where information technology is not the main focus, the Elektonikschule will teach the basic knowledge, which is tested in the Linux Essentials exam."


Elektronikschule Tettnang
Oberhofer Straße 25
88069 Tettnang

Tel.: +49 7542/9372-0 E-Mail: info(at)elektronikschule.de