LPI Partner Of The Month March 2011: GONICUS GmbH

The GONICUS GmbH with headquarter in Arnsberg, Germany, is LPI Certified Solution Partner on the highest level “LPI Approved Gold-Partner” and opens our new monthly program as “LPI Partner of the Month March 2011”.

About 500 sever and more than 1,000 clients in continual support, a powerful team of consultants and developers and dozens of well-known reference projects for application of Open Source software in various scenarios over the past ten years: GONICUS is one of the largest independent IT services provider for Open Source software in German speaking countries – with over 200 man-years of experience and a certified quality management on basis of DIN ISO 9001.

In 2001, GONICUS was founded in Arnsberg, which is a historically important location in Open Source. With KDE One, the first international conference of KDE developers took place in Arnsberg, and the first version of the widespread KDE interface was released. Within this tradition, GONICUS has the aim to rely on an Open Source services business model. At the same time, the company pragmatically opens up the advantages of the OSS world for its customers without losing sight of functionality.

Looking at the importance which information technology has gained in business processes of companies and agencies, aspects such as reliability, stability, flexibility and availability but also independence become more and more important. IT is the backbone of many organizations. GONICUS finds suitable solutions for the requirement and processes of the customers in diverse and challenging situations.

An independent view, broad knowledge and experience are essential qualities that GONICUS as specialist has and demonstrates. Especially LPI certification and the LPI Certified Solution Gold Partner status verify independently the company's expertise. GONICUS cannot afford to stand still, and continuously advances its employees and therefore also the company itself through specific training and certification measures.


What is the spectrum of the services provided?

Feasibility studies, economic studies, solutions and evaluations are often the introduction to IT projects and for GONICUS, these are classic advisory responsibilities which are both technologically and economically addressed. Of course concepts need to be implemented, know-how has to be provided on-site, and solutions must be build. GONICUS accompanies its customers also in the implementation. Knowledge transfer – especially after a successful project -in terms of workshops or training is part of GONICUS' portfolio as well as taking the responsibility for running systems in form of individual Service Level Agreements, which offer professional support for company crucial systems.

GONICUS could expand its technological expertise over the years to specific industry know-how in various industries. Although its services are used cross-industrial, exact knowledge about surrounding and specialties helps to understand individual needs and to optimize solutions. GONICUS has special experience in the public sector with the Linux migration of the city of Munich, in tourism with a highly available IT infrastructure and Open Source system management tools, which are used on cruise ships, in the finance and insurance business with an example of a complex VoIP solution for the LVM in Münster, Germany, but also in aviation industry with Linux infrastructures and infotainment solutions in the cabin of aircrafts. Of course GONICUS did also exciting projects in traditional industries. GONICUS cover a broad spectrum from high performance clusters for simulations and calculation with the example of MAN Turbo about complex virtualization setups in combination with compatible system management tools for the textile service Berendsen to scaling identity management solutions with the example of Bonn University. Besides complex requirements, the “LPI Partner of the Month March 2011” covers as well traditional applications for Open Source and provides an interface to the world of free software for various customers. Its customers represent the whole variety of economy in Germany but also international, starting from the smaller medium-sized business to the big concern.

GONICUS lives the OSS philosophy and participates actively in the development of free software projects. At this point the example of developing the system management tool Gosa² may be mentioned. Software is services for GONICUS and the company follows the basic principle: “Open for the better ...”



Dipl.-Wirt.Inform. Alfred Schröder


Contact GONICUS:


Möhnestraße 11-17

D-59755 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2932 / 916-0

E-Mail: info(at)GONICUS.de