LPI Partner of the Month February 2013: ALX

ALX is a Polish IT training and consulting company. We have been delivering high-quality IT training in various fields – from Linux (including both system administration and topics such as embedded solutions, virtualization and kernel programming) and programming (Java, C/C++, web technologies and more) to database solutions, project management and office suites, since 2002. Our courses (available in Polish and in English), delivered by experienced trainers in comfortable, dedicated training rooms (or on-site), are both effective and enjoyable.


Although our training offer is broad, ALX is a Linux company to the core: starting with the name – an abbreviation of “Linux Academy” – to our cadre of highly qualified trainers and management with experience in Open Source solutions and training. ALX provides a wide range of training courses and IT solutions, but the company’s special pride are our LPI-authorized Linux training courses, which can guide a participant from a complete beginner to a capable Linux sysadmin. The highly modular courses we offer provide complete preparation needed for LPIC1 and LPIC2 certifications. For the courses, ALX provides the only available on the Polish market LPI-approved training materials in Polish. Recently we have included into our offer LPIC-1 trainings in English.


Pictures above: Company headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

We strive to focus our courses not on the dry theoretical musings, but on practical solutions and applications. To this end, ALX trainers are never just theorists – they often provide focused consulting, helping the customers solve problems or implement new solutions, and themselves participate in large IT projects. Thanks to this, ALX can offer not only training, but also very qualified specialists for hire.


ALX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
Jasna 14/16A
00-041 Warsaw, Poland

LPI training offer

ALX’s LPI training offer can be found at http://www.alx-eu.com/en/tech/lpi/

Complete training offer

The complete training offer can be found at http://www.alx-eu.com/en/courses/