LPI Partner of the Month January 2013: Hostserver GmbH

Hostserver GmbH is LPI CSP Approved Partner and our LPI Partner of the Month January 2013.

Hostserver GmbH with headquarters in Marburg and Berlin is a specialist provider of secure and customized hosting solutions also known as Managed Hosting. The company with its core processes Managed Hosting, Domain Name Service and customer support is certified by TÜV Süd after ISO 27001:2005 „Information Security“ and ISO 9001:2007 „Quality Management“.


Managed Hosting with Linux and Open Source since 12 years

Since its founding 12 years ago, Hostserver uses Linux, primarily Debian Linux, for its hosting services. Open Source based software gives Hostserver the opportunity to get a better and deeper understanding of the relevant service and system. This enables the company to provide their customers optimized configurations and targeted support in case of difficulties. The clients appreciate this special expertise of Hostservers employees. You as a client can benefit from Hostservers decision for the consistent use of Open Source, allowing the company to provide a better service than through the use of Closed Source software and operating systems.

LPIC Certifications

Hostserver is LPI Approved Partner and promotes actively the LPI certification of its employees. The base LPI certification (LPIC-1) ensures that all administrators have a broad knowledge base of Linux. With LPIC-2 the employees confirm the reached level of Linux expertise and experience in system administration. All employees of Hostserver get support to gain LPI certifications. This also applies to trainees who are at least six months working for the company. The active staff training is a key element in the provision of high quality, secure and available hosting services for the customers of Hostserver.


Sophisticated hosting solutions

Hostserver provides it's services on basis of dedicated servers and public or private cloud-cluster systems. The company consistently focuses on open standards and software including Linux, KVM, iSCSI and OpenBSD. In consultation with the customers and participating agencies Hostserver takes the complete responsibility for the operation of systems and complex solutions. Hostserver supports SMEs and large enterprises with innovative and sophisticated online-based business models, as well as client projects for web agencies.

Sustainability of quality and safety

Many customers are supported by Hostserver for many years, competent, reliable and individually. Fair contracts allow customers to accurately receive the services they need. Through consistent use of Open Source operating systems and software, together with the special commitment and employee skills Hostserver can offer it's customers and partners a high level of safety and quality for over 12 years.

For current information about Hostserver GmbH and it's services visit the company's website at http://www.hostserver.net/ and their company blog at http://blog.hostserver.de .


Hostserver headquater at Marburg

Hostserver headquater at Marburg



Hostserver GmbH – Headquater
Biegenstr. 20
35037 Marburg
Phone: +49 (0) 6421-1751750
Email: info(at)hostserver.de
Web: www.hostserver.de

Berlin Office
Winsstr. 70
10405 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 47375550


Marcus Schäfer, founder and CEO of Hostserver GmbH in the Berlin office

Marcus Schäfer, founder and CEO of Hostserver GmbH in the Berlin office