LPI publishes the new exams LPI-201 and LPI-202 Version 4.5 for the LPIC-2 Certification

LPI (Linux Professional Institute) publishes the new exams LPI-201 and LPI-202 Version 4.5 for the LPIC-2 certification.

The Exams are now available at the Pearson VUE Test Center (http://www.pearsonvue.com/lpi/) in English and in German.
The new Exam Codes are LPI 201-450 and LPI 202-450.

The LPIC-2 Paper Exams version 4.5 in English and German will be available from Chemnitz Linux Days.

Summary of LPIC-2 version 4.5 update

The Linux operation system is subject to constant innovation. As the latest major Distribution introduce new features, LPI exams are frequently updated to ensure LPI certification holders are proficient in the most recent enterprise technologies.

In 2016, the objectives of the LPIC-2 level exams 201 and 202 were updated to cover the latest standards in Linux technology. This lead to the following updates:

Most importantly, the LPIC-2 version 4.5 objectives introduce the following technologies:

  • systemd: The new init system speeds up the boot process of Linux and simplifies the management of services on Linux.

  • SSSD: The new System Security Services Daemon facilitates the integration of Linux in mixed environments and provides stable authentication even on roaming clients and during network outages.

  • Btrfs: The new file system improves the reliability of Linux during updates and introduces great flexibility to storage management on Linux.

  • Sieve filters: The email filter technology helps to sort and prioritize incoming email.

Additionally, the LPIC-2 version 4.5 objectives were improved throughout to:

  • Empower Linux to use the latest hardware and networking technology through comprehensive coverage of UEFI, NVMe, DKMS and IPv6.

  • Perform advanced troubleshooting using tools like itop, htop and ss.

  • Protect data and ensure privacy using TLS encryption for all networking services.

  • Use new features of new software releases such as Apache 2.4, Samba 4 as well as recent versions of OpenLDAP and Dovecot.

The new objectives are available online at:


A detailed list of changes is available at:



Note: the exams with the v4.0 objectives (201-400 and 202-400) will remain available until August 2017. You may write any version of the exams and they will count toward your LPIC-2 equally.

With respect to candidates who started to prepare for the exam, both versions will be available for a period of six months.