LPI Exams at Graz Linux Days

Linux Professional Institute Central Europe (LPI CE) invites you to join them at Graz Linux Days taking place on April 26 - 27, 2019 in Graz, Austria.

Austria's largest conference on free software and hardware will be held this year under the motto "Change of pages". As always, it will be organized entirely by volunteers. Now, for the first time, it will take place at the Inffeldgasse campus of Graz University of Technology.

The Graz Linux Days offer not only lectures and workshops on the topic of "Linux", but also address all topics related to free software and hardware. Visitors can expect a varied program with topics such as "Smart-TV via HTTP remote control", "Digital freedom in schools" or "Safe and easy backups".

Save on Exams!
Attendees of Graz Linux Days 2019 can take advantage of the LPI exam discounts!

  • Exams last a maximum of two hours including preparation
  • The participation fee is paid in cash in the examination room before the start of the examination
  • Participants must present a valid identity card and a valid LPI identification number before the exam starts. If you do not have a LPI ID, you can request one online.

Due to the limited number of places available for the LPI exams, we recommend that you register in advance.

Make sure you choose the right exam for you. Review the exam objectives
For further questions regarding the LPI exams, please contact the LPI CE by email.