LPI gets DevOps Tools certification off the ground

First beta exams to come within a few weeks

DevOps competences are in demand in the ITC sector and proving these skills opens up good career prospects. Consequently, certifications are needed, which is why the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently announced a corresponding certification called 'Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer'. The first exams will be available as a beta version within a few weeks.

'The certificate is directed at those who are involved in developing or delivering software from a technical point of view, and it should be considered an add-on to existing qualifications, ' explains Fabian Thorns,  Director of Certification Development of the LPI. The exam is to verify the candidates' command of free tools simplifying the collaboration between software developers and administrators.
'Both sides benefit from using these tools,' says Fabian Thorns. On the one hand, the administrators' work load is lightened by allowing them to automate recurring tasks. On the other hand, developers are given the opportunity to take on tasks independently, without an administrator's support . This way, everyone is given more freedom.

Candidates who would like to take a DevOps exam should already hold a certification in the domains administration or software development. Fabian Thorns: 'We recommend having an existing certification in the respective primary field of work. This may be Linux administration just as well as for example Java development.' DevOps always needs a context where you can apply your knowledge.
Anyone who would like to participate in the free beta exams is invited to do so at the FrOSCon on 19th and 20th of August in Sankt Augustin. Graduates will receive a full certificate. Exam seat registration:  lpievent.lpice.eu

Further information on the LPI's DevOps exams is available at  www.lpi.org/devops and at  fb.com/lpidach/. You can ask questions or give feedback on the topic via the mailing lists at lists.lpi.org, as well as discuss with the DevOps and open source communities, which are closely involved with exam development.

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Caption: Fabian Thorns, Director of Certification Development, LPI Inc


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