About LPI Forum

The first Linux Professional Institute event ever in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.

LPI is proud to announce that the Polish Ministry of Economy has given the Forum the honorary patronage and is looking forward to welcoming the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Economy, Dariusz Bogdan, at the opening of the Forum.  

Come listen to experts talk about:
- the new era of the Linux Professional Institute and its focus on open source careers
- the value of IT certification and how it will impact open source organizations and IT workers 
- how does Linux work in the cloud
- how to make personal certification a profitable investment

and much more.  

Attendance is free of costs but the number of seats is limited.  

Click here to register 

The Forum is addressed to:
- IT Managers
- open source solution providers
- IT Managers in public administration entities
- Managers of IT Departments at schools and universities
- training providers
- all interested in Linux and open source technologies

You cannot miss this event if you want to:  
- promote solutions based on open and free software 
- advance development of the professional skills of Linux and open source IT specialists 
- encourage entrepreneurship of the Linux professionals on the competitive marketplace
- support lifelong learning of IT staff by increasing professional skills of specialists in Linux and open source technologies

Your contribution to the discussion will be valuable!