Autorizované školicí materiály LPI

The LPI-ATM program was initiated in 2002 to assist courseware providers in developing accurate training materials that supported LPI certifications. Since 2009 LPI Central Europe is in charge to manage the program in the countries it is responsible for as a Master Affiliate of LPI Inc.

The tasks the LPI ATM certification shall fulfill are defined here:

1. Completeness: 

  • ALL Objectives of an LPI exam, e.g. LPI 102, must be handled in the training material that shall prepare for this exam.

2. Quality: 

  • there must be a clear summary of the contents in the training material
  • there must be a clear explanation which objectives of the LPI exam are handled at which chapter of the training material; this could be done e.g. by tables
  • there must be clearly defined and practical excercises for the LPI exam preparation in the training material    
  • spelling mistakes are not allowed; the training material must have been read by a proof-reader before it arrives at the LPI ATM approval process
  • the technical correctness shall be checked by spot tests in the training materials