LPIC-3 Senior Level Linux Professional

The LPIC-3 Certification program represents the culmination of LPI's Certification Program. LPIC-3 is designed for the "enterprise-level" Linux professional. The program has been developed with the input of hundreds of Linux professionals from around the globe and with input from some of the world's leading technology companies. It also represents the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry.

Speciality Details

New Specialties:

  • 300 Mixed Environment (replaces 301 and 302 as of October 2013)

Retired Specialties:

  • 301 Core (exam retired at the end of 2013)
  • 302 Mixed Environment (exam retired at the end of 2013)

Existing Specialties:

  • 303 Security
  • 304 High Availability and Virtualization

Rationale of Changes

LPIC-3 Core (LPI-301) and LPIC-3 Mixed Environments (LPI-302) will remain valid certifications. However, these exams will no longer be necessary for the LPIC-3 certification designation. As of October 1, 2013 any one exam in the 300 series will be sufficient to obtain LPIC-3 designation. Prior to October 1, 2013, candidates required the LPI-301 “Core” to obtain any of the other specialties and LPIC-3 certification. As of October 1, 2013, a LPIC-2 certified professional will be able to obtain LPIC-3 certification status by successfully completing any of the number of “specialty” exams as outlined below.

NOTE: The LPI-301 and LPI-302 exams are being retired at the end of 2013. The LPI-300 exam replaces the pair of exams and also provides the designation of LPIC-3 Mixed Environment.